How is the free space is counted?

I would like to know how the free space is counted.

I have many drives, about 9. I have this setup

Syncthing -> Drive1
folder1 -> Drive2
Folder2 -> Drive3 Partition1
Folder3 -> Drive3 Partition2
Folder4 -> Drive3 Partition2

My question is is the space counted for the folder on the partition it is setup on and not where syncthing is installed or something else?

Also if I have Folder3 set to %50 and Folder4 set to %20, this would mean that folder4 would share 1/2 of the drive with folder3 and that would be on a first come first service basis. The other %30 would be only for Folder4 and would always leave %20 even if Folder3 and Folder4 maxed out, right?

I hope I have explained this right. if not please let me know and I will edit it.

If you don’t have some wired mounting or symlinks, it is exactly as you described.

For the partition where Syncthing (more precise Synchting’s config) is located, there is a global setting in the advanced options named minHomeDiskFreePct.

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Thank you for confirming this and about minHomeDixkFreePct.

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