How I remove a folder and stop receiving 'Add new folder' alerts?

Hi. I think this is an easy one, but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong to properly delete a previously shared folder.

Let’s say I have Bob and Alice machines sharing folder ‘Music’. If I, from Alice machine->Edit->Remove ‘Music’ Folder because I don’t want to have it syncthinging anymore… Why I keep receiving immediate alerts on my computer alerting:

“Bob wants to share folder “Music”. Add new folder?.”

How’s the proper procedure to remove and stop receiving alerts?.

(syncthing 0.14.8 linux and windows)

Unshare it on the other side as well.

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Thanks for answering Jakob. Today I have more time to elaborate. I have been using btsync where that was not a problem. When you remove a folder from your btsycn interface, the folder will keep in your disk but will not update anymore, so then, you can delete it, move it to backup or whatever you need to do without interfering with your colleagues files. And of course you will not receive any alert from other computers trying to add that folder back again.

Imagine you share your folder Project_01 with 5 co-workers. You all work on it for 2 weeks and after the part of your work is finished, you remove the shared folder. This way you will keep receiving alerts continuously from the other 4 members until they remove the folder on their machines (or untick mine) (and probably they dont want to remove the syncthing folder yet).

That will be not be a huge problem if I own the other 4 machines, I will just remove the folder from the other computers and that will make it. But this way my colleagues wouldn’t even notice that their syncthings will keep trying over and over to reconnect with my machine. So I will have to contact each one and ask them to untick the checkmark of my computer in their syncthing folder.

Probably the way syncthing is doing it now will have a good reason. Would love to hear other people’s thinking about this particular way of working with removed folders. Maybe mine is a special case, but it doesn’t look to me like so.

(by the way I prefer syncthing much more than btsync because of many other things, for example, it’s intelligent way of discovering other machines when you are behind a firewalled environment where all ports are closed. btsync will not find anybody connected, Syncthing do it unbelievably great :).

It’s already possible to ignore notifications for specific devices. I guess the same could also be implemented for folder notifications.


How do you ignore notifications for a particular device?.. I only remember Accept/Later buttons on a notification banner. Thanks for sharing…, in this case, I suppose that a specific ‘folder ignore’ would be useful, but ‘device ignore’ of course not. You will need to keep receiving alerts for new folders with your other 4 colleagues.

Thinking about ‘ignore folder’, I think that remote machines will keep using resources trying to share the folder again with you, even if you don’t receive the alert on screen. Wouldn’t be more interesting option to send some kind of flag from the machine which is removing a folder to the other 4 machines with which him was sharing, to auto-untick the ‘Share With Devices’ checkmark on them?.

There is essentially no resource usage for sharing a folder with a device that does not want it.

And this what was done in the beginning, but you told me to remove it, saying that you should contact the other end. Why has the stance changed?

It hasn’t, I’m still unconvinced we need to do this, I’m just saying it certainly possibly to ignore the events. This is the first I’ve heard of anything resembling a use case for it.

I would love to hear opinions from other users about the way now syncthing behaves. Hope some more people comment their point of view.

For me is pretty obvious that when you remove a folder on your machine, no messages should arrive from others trying to re-build the link. But I love to hear more opinions because I could be wrong… (call my attention that there are no other threads wondering why they keep receiving alerts after they delete a folder from syncthing).

Currently Syncthing either shares a folder or does not. There is no distinction between “have never shared” and “have shared, and removed” which is what you’re looking for.

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