How do I change Syncthing ID?

I have syncthing installed on a Win10 virtual machine on a Linux host. I copied the Win10 vm to another Linux host and it’s working fine. The problem is that Syncthing has the same ID on both Win10 vms. Here’s what I’ve tried (on the copied Win10 vm):

Remove SyncTrazor
Rename the Win10 guest OS
Restarted the VM.
Deleted the c:\Program Files\SyncTrazor directory
Reinstalled SyncTrazor (it finds my previously synced directories)

It picks up the new Win10 hostname, but it still has the same ID as SyncTrazor on the original Win10 vm.

I thought that removing the SyncTrazor/ directory would result in a new ID, but it doesn’t. The fact that it’s picking up my previously synced directories means that SyncTrazor stored data somewhere else besides the SyncTrazor/ directory.

Is there a way to change the SyncTrazor ID?

@dwschulze, welcome to Syncthing!

SyncTrazor is just a wrapper, which means you also need to delete the Syncthing configuration to get a new ID.