How do I backup my keys?

Is there any way of backing up the keys on the Android version, or indeed any version of Syncthing and restoring them after a system re-install?

Many thanks for any help.

For Android, see #143.

On Unix, the config is in ~/.config/syncthing/. No idea about windows.

On Windows, config is in C:\Users\"Username"\AppData\Local\Syncthing\

Sorry to bother, but I’ve a question. I have a Synology DS916+. The last time I made an update on my NAS, things on Syncthing got wrong and I couldn’t get syncthing to start after the NAS update. I open a thread, Syncthing won’t start on my Synology!! but got no reply/help. Then I had to begin from the scratch, reinstall syncthing again and do all over the directories that I had synced on syncthing.

Now I face the same dilema. Have an important update to make on the NAS but I’m afraid that things go wrong on syncthing. If things go wrong after the update, can I simply restore that directory (~/.config/syncthing) back?!? Isn’t there anything else that I may need to backup before make the system upgrade?!

Unfortunately this depends on how the package on your NAS was made. You probably won’t get a definitive answer on this forum because, as far as I can tell, Syncthing isn’t packaged for Synology by anyone here.

If you know the folder where the config is stored all you have to do is take a copy of it… If you know the user ST runs as you might be able to find the folder in their home.

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