How censorship-resistant is Syncthing?

Resilio Sync recently stopped working in China because the GFW blocks the central trackers to discover remote peers, something that the client app does not allow to be changed. How likely is this to happen with Syncthing? How many trackers are there, can I freely select trackers to connect to, and can I run my own on AWS?

There are a few, they are only used for device discovery, and you can run your own on either side of the GFW. Search the documentation for “discovery server”.

The actual protocol used is all TLS, which means it looks mostly like everything else in the world. By default the certificates include the name “syncthing” making the connections fairly easy to recognize anyway. You can replace the certificates if you like.

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You can also run Syncthing truly peer to peer, without any servers, if you have a static IP, dynamic DNS or other means of resolving the IP of the other machine(s) you are syncing with.


Thanks for the info!