How can master folder be out of sync and disagree with Winmerge?

I’m syncing a Win 7 x64 Pro laptop with a headless Raspberry Pi running gui-less Raspbian.

Evidence collected under st v0.10.29, but problem seems to be still there under v0.10.30.

Folder is configured as master on laptop and rw on pi.

There’s an ro share on the pi, so I can compare with Winmerge on the laptop.

webgui on laptop and pi


DpicturesUp to Date Folder Path D:\Profiles\David\Pictures Global State 31 items, ~20.8 MiB Local State 31 items, ~20.8 MiB Out Of Sync 31 items, ~20.8 MiB

Folder Master Yes Ignore Patterns Yes File Versioning Simple File Versioning Shared With pi Last File Received Override Changes Rescan


DpicturesUp to Date Folder Path /mnt/t/unicorn/pictures/pictures Global State 31 items, ~20.8 MiB Local State 31 items, ~20.8 MiB Rescan Interval 0 s File Versioning Simple File Versioning Shared With UNICORN Last File Received Rescan

Winmerge comparison (csv)

Compare D:\Profiles\David\Pictures with T:\unicorn\pictures\pictures 29/03/2015 09:33:05 Filename,Folder,Comparison result,Left Date,Right Date,Extension .stignore,Text files are different,* 28/03/2015 12:04:49,10/03/2015 22:53:40,stignore CIMG1057.JPG,Binary files are identical,13/11/2013 18:43:00,13/11/2013 18:43:00,JPG CIMG1058.JPG,Binary files are identical,13/11/2013 18:43:00,13/11/2013 18:43:00,JPG CIMG1074.JPG,Binary files are identical,14/11/2013 13:54:00,14/11/2013 13:54:00,JPG CIMG1075.JPG,Binary files are identical,14/11/2013 13:52:00,14/11/2013 13:52:00,JPG maxdesk.ini2,Binary files are identical,26/11/2014 12:57:12,26/11/2014 12:57:12,ini2 meter readings 20141109.jpg,Binary files are identical,26/11/2014 12:50:01,26/11/2014 12:50:01,jpg PP11Thumbs.ptn,Binary files are identical,26/11/2014 12:54:55,26/11/2014 12:54:55,ptn PP11Thumbs.ptn2,Binary files are identical,30/11/2014 12:48:14,30/11/2014 12:48:14,ptn2 Sample Pictures.lnk,Binary files are identical,17/09/2014 11:30:19,17/09/2014 11:30:19,lnk Thumbs.db,Binary files are identical,15/10/2009 19:24:05,15/10/2009 19:24:05,db Vista drives.jpg,Binary files are identical,14/06/2009 23:06:21,14/06/2009 23:06:21,jpg .picasa.ini,Text files are identical,20/11/2013 22:28:55,20/11/2013 22:28:55,ini .stfolder,Text files are identical,06/03/2015 22:42:50,* 07/03/2015 11:41:47,stfolder desktop.ini,Text files are identical,23/05/2014 01:17:51,23/05/2014 01:17:51,ini ControlCenter4,Identical,02/06/2014 08:11:29,* 07/03/2015 11:43:15, Email,ControlCenter4,Identical,02/06/2014 08:11:29,* 07/03/2015 11:45:58, CCE12032013.pdf,ControlCenter4\Email,Binary files are identical,12/03/2013 12:27:03,12/03/2013 12:27:03,pdf CCE21122012_0000.pdf,ControlCenter4\Email,Binary files are identical,21/12/2012 09:54:18,21/12/2012 09:54:18,pdf OCR,ControlCenter4,Identical,02/06/2014 08:11:29,* 07/03/2015 11:45:45, CCO09122012_0000.txt,ControlCenter4\OCR,Text files are identical,09/12/2012 17:15:16,09/12/2012 17:15:16,txt PhotoCapture,ControlCenter4,Identical,14/12/2012 13:03:41,* 07/03/2015 11:43:15, Scan,ControlCenter4,Identical,02/06/2014 08:11:29,* 07/03/2015 11:47:57, CCF14072013.pdf,ControlCenter4\Scan,Binary files are identical,14/07/2013 07:23:30,14/07/2013 07:23:30,pdf CCF14072013_0001.pdf,ControlCenter4\Scan,Binary files are identical,14/07/2013 07:24:22,14/07/2013 07:24:22,pdf CCI08042013.jpg,ControlCenter4\Scan,Binary files are identical,08/04/2013 19:29:55,08/04/2013 19:29:55,jpg CCI19032013.jpg,ControlCenter4\Scan,Binary files are identical,19/03/2013 13:13:44,19/03/2013 13:13:44,jpg Picasa,Identical,02/06/2014 08:11:29,* 07/03/2015 11:43:16, Captured Videos,Picasa,Identical,02/06/2014 08:11:29,* 07/03/2015 11:47:58, .picasa.ini,Picasa\Captured Videos,Text files are identical,21/11/2013 11:27:00,21/11/2013 11:27:00,ini ssl,Left only: D:\Profiles\David\Pictures,* 13/02/2015 00:17:15, ca.crt,ssl,Left only: D:\Profiles\David\Pictures\ssl,* 13/02/2015 00:16:20,crt,ssl,Left only: D:\Profiles\David\Pictures\ssl,* 13/02/2015 00:17:15,crt


Hitting override changes removes the out of sync line.

However, restarting st on the pi brings it back.

pi has 0 rescan interval.

As far as I know, your Pi does not know, that your Laptop is “master”, so if something happens on the pi that triggers a sync back to the laptop (newer modified time, permissions mismatch), it will try that and your laptop shows out of sync.

What file system does /mnt/t/unicorn/pictures/pictures have? If that FS cannot handle permissions, you need to check “ignore permissions” in the folder settings on the pi. If the FS does not allow changing of modified timestamp (or is mounted in that way), then that would be the source of your problem.

/mnt/t is a USB drive using ntfs-3g.

It is mounted in fstab with options defaults,nofail

The first windows explorer shows CIMG1057.JPG in its original location on the laptop.

The second shows it with the pi’s samba share on drive t.

Notice that all the timestamps are the same except for the date created. It looks like syncthing has transferred all the attributes over - except for this date - which shouldn’t matter.

Then there’s the first ssh to the pi which shows the same modification timestamp as the windows explorer views above.

The last ssh shows the ctime - when the file status information was last modified.

My suspicion is that the wrong time is being compared in syncthing (possibly ctime?).

I can’t see why it shows as out of sync - but it does.

Permissions, if using NTFS under Linux? Try setting the ignore permissions checkbox on the folder?

Thanks for that. Sorted :smile:

I set ignore permissions at both ends just in case. Would it have worked just at pi end?

Yeah, it just needs to be set on the side that doesn’t have working permissions support (in this case NTFS).

(Yes, I know NTFS understands rich ACLs and so on so this is a Unix-centric view, sorry.)

Nothing wrong with a Unix-centric view. *nixes seem a little less flaky than windows.

Off topic, but if you look hard at the picture CIMG1057.JPG below, you’ll see a daisy wheel - an example of medieval graffiti in our house.