How can I remove a folder I previously synced from my phone?

I previously added a folder to sync with my instance of Syncthing running on my NAS box and later decided I didn’t need to sync it.

Is there anything like a “delete folder” option (like there is an “add folder”) option or does this have to be done via the web GUI?

Syncthing version: v0.10.23 Syncthing Android version: 0.5.17 Android: 4.4.4 Motorola Moto-G Gen 1

When you click on the folder, there is a trash bin icon in the action bar (in older Android versions, it might be menu -> delete).

Here is a screenshot from 4.4.4

Open the folder and

Thanks folks! I can’t belive I missed this one.

Thanks also for this fine software - I installed the ARM version on my readyNAS 104 box and it’s all working very well.