How can i judge which device ID is died?

hi: How can i judge which device ID is died ? i want to delete the died device id !

What do you mean by “died”?

the “died” mean never use !

What do you mean by “never use”? A device you have never shared a folder with? A device which has never been connected to?

Maybe it would be helpful if you describe, in detail, what exactly you want (including screenshots, if necessary). It’s hard to work out what you’re trying to say at the moment, in part because you use so few words.

sorry !! i mean A device which has never been connected to !!

EDIT: Oops, I take this back

You can check the last seen value in the ui.

i use API to control the syncthing ,is there some thing can use in my program to judge it ?

Sure. Open the web gui, see what requests it’s making to get the data it’s showing, and copy it. Anything the web gui can do, you can do too.

i want to use my program direct to judge it ,and use my program auto delete that device !

There is a device stats endpoint, which has the last seen value. You should really stop asking questions on the forum and start reading docs/code to work out how it does things.

i have see the document ,because the syncthing isn’t me develop ,i didn’t understand all about it ,so i want to ask someone that understand it !

thank you everyone ! now i know how can judge it ! we can use " /rest/system/connections" to get all connections , in the response json ,we can get the device last connect time , this json key is “at” , depend on your need ,can use this time to judge how to do with this device !!