How big should my database be?

I’m new to syncthing so please be nice.

I’m trying to sync 5TB between my Synology and a new server.

At the moment the syncthing database has consumed the entire 80GB of my servers Disk

What am I doing wrong?

Can’t say, don’t have my crystal ball with my - definitely doesn’t sound normal. The output of ls -lah on your db dir would be interesting.

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It doesn’t have to be wrong if the software is otherwise running. At first glance, that’s a lot, but I think it might also depend on the content.

I have a productive DS1815+ and manage a total of 2.33 TB in around 60 folders in 1.140.101 files in 85.527 subdirectories. The files is a mixture of office files, pictures, videos, software, I would say typically mixed server content. The database occupies around 1.43 GB.

Maybe you say more about the environment. Which DS, which Syncthing package, the type of files, how many you have etc.

Maybe you can specify the free, i.e. available, space on the hard disk with df -h

Ignore this post, I’m a dummy!!