Honoring newestFirst on re-index?

I have 500k files in set of directories, and the syncthing db has been removed.

The index is being re-created, my problem is it seems like the newestFirst config flag isn’t being honored.

I’m seeing files from July be re-indexed while files from yesterday are still waiting to be indexed.

I had assumed the ‘newestFirst’ config would have caused new files to be re-indexed before older files.

Ideally I’d love for the re-index to simply run in the back-ground, (processing newer files first) and also be able to sync brand new files as they come.

I’m using an old version of syncthing (Forked last Sept), so my issue might have already been resolved.

Thanks for a great product

NewestFirst is download order, it has nothing todo with indexing order.

Indexing is done in whatever order the os returns directory listings in, which is usually alphabetical.

You can’t influence the order of that, and doing it artificially requires to store everything in memory and sort it by whatever dimension we ask it for, which means we might need tons of memory if we’re dealing with tons of files.