High CPU usage

Hello guys, somehow I’ve got some high CPU usage although syncthing is doing nothing. I’m getting those random 15% cpu “spikes” from syncthing:

which you can see in the graphical overview of the cpu activity:

And here’s an image of syncthing on my NAS:

Does anyone has an idea how to fix this or what I’m doing wrong?

The logs explain what it’s doing. If it’s still not clear from that, you can run it under a profiler to see what it’s doing.

If you have the GUI open at the same time (on any host), it might be caused by requests for updated state from the browser. Those are usually not very CPU intensive, but do cause some load.

Ok, so after some time it went down and I don’t have the CPU spikes anymore. I assume that it was just still syncthing or something like that.