High CPU usage & nodes do not connect

CPU usage is up 111% (1 core 100%) on one PC & nodes do not connect over LAN

OS: openSUSE 13.1 64Bit Kernel: 3.14.4 / 3.11.10 Desktop: KDE 4.13.1 Syncthing: 0.8.7 64bit & 32bit

Did you just install it and is it still doing the initial scan of the repository?

Yesterday installed, CPU is all the time so high. on this PC i did not add anything, only the other node that runs about 5% CPU

Can you post a screenshot of the GUI?

Screenshot: http://postimg.org/image/d2yh8w0mx/

It’s doing an initial scan of the files in /home/woda/Sync. Give it time to finish.

I use nice and ionice to move activity into background :wink:

how long it will take? in “/home/woda/Sync.” is nothing there.

Then that’s not it, something strange is going on. Restart syncthing, post what it says on the console. If there’s nothing obviously interesting and it gets stuck in the same scenario, start with STTRACE=scanner syncthing so we can see what the scanner thinks it’s doing.

Started from zero and it works. On Android Syncthing starts see Screenshot: http://imgur.com/OdswgJU and after a short while stops. Android 4.2.2, Syncthing 0.2.0

@Nutomic something you recognize ^? :slight_smile:

Only from this issue. Never had it myself.

@dawid Could you follow the logging instructions in that link please? (with logcat)

not my device & not root user :frowning: at one start shows “loading gui” and stops.

You don’t need root for logcat (there are apps for that). Without that, there’s no way de can hell you.

2 Screenshots: http://imgur.com/9P2aWHq,uHH9Tkf Started Syncthing about 4 times.

There’s nothing relevant in that log, unfortunately. Did you “menu -> exit” while recording logcat? The log should contain lines starting with “com.nutomic.syncthingandroid”.

Started today Syncthing and it works, what i saw was 1 white site like internetsite that could not be loaded (no internet) 2 loading GUI, 3 the GUI. Here logcat: http://postimg.org/image/tvp578sqh/