hierarchy in rights

in btsync we had the possibility to create a folder where no one could write but only receive information … there is no such thing in syncthing? But it’s seems to me the one first important thing to do isn’t it? since with your normal system, it means that if a antivirus software or a virus kicks in on one of the client host then the data will be changed and so all the client hosts will be affected… How do you prevent that?

Syncthing is not meant to work as protection from viruses, it’s meant to sync files and thats exactly what it does. There is master mode that might help, but it’s voluntary for other peers to respect (by not modifying files, or enforced by master on an adhoc basis).

How do you prevent that? Install an antivirus/don’t download dodgy stuff and use backup software (which syncthing isn’t).

okey that’s one point of view… After that, you don’t have to be such a schmuck ^^:p

So for you the usecase of client just need to read doesn’t exist in your philosophy… you are certainly aware that you can’t do much even with an anti-virus or maybe you never assisted to one of the hackers vs anti-virus contest in France or elsewhere. Anyway I find your philosophy about it very restrictive. but okey that’s at least then answer to my question. thanks for answering.

It’s not like such a feature is not wanted for syncthing, it’s just that nobody cared enough to implement it, see https://github.com/syncthing/syncthing/issues/62 (oldest open issue)

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great, thanks so I will have to do this with a bunch of others.

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