Hide computers IP address

Hello, we are testing the application for file synchronization in a Virtual Motorsport Team (Pão de Queijo). Everything seems to work very well.

But what hasn’t allowed us to use the application yet is the fact that EVERYONE who is in the process of file synchronization can see the valid IP of other computers.

Like this:

Is there a way to hide the IP address?

You can hide it from the GUI with a custom CSS scheme or something. But really, no, there is no way to hide the IP your are talking to because you need to know it in order to talk to the other computer. Though you can set both sides to only connect via relay. Then you’ll only know & see the relay address.


Thank you for the explanation. We will try to adapt to our need.

v0.13.0-beta.3? Calling this ancient is an understatement (and a beta?).

No. We are using version 1.8.0. I just took the image that is used in the project documentation for example.

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Yeah I recognized it because the illustrated IP address is my old /24. :slight_smile:


Btw.: You can still see to which IP you’re currently connected via TcpView (from Microsoft Sysinternals) or the “netstat” command.

Or just the logs…

Hence the “not really, no” except by using relays exclusively.

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