Help with setup errors while syncing

So right now I have 7 computers syncing 6 are windows 10 and one is the server. My setup is on the 6 computers they are linked to the server and are set as send only. They are not linked with the other 5 computers only the server. On the server it is linked to the 6 pcs and set to receive only. My issue is I keep getting out of sync errors on the 6 computers. Oh the computers all use the same folder I’d. My question is is this setup wrong I feel like I shouldn’t get an out of sync error every time another computer uploads a file. Any suggestions would be great. I am new to syncthing and have been reading over docs. Just haven’t found what I’m looking for yet

Set all Windows 10 nodes and the server to “Send and Receive.” As long as you only only link each Windows 10 node to the server node, the server will remain “authoritative,” which I think is your goal.

Ok I can try that but before I do will files be downloaded to the windows machines from the server? I don’t want the data to be mirrored to each pc because of storage space constraints on the windows machines but I want all data to be mirrored to the server

I would also suggest using “Send and Receive”.

However, it would also be good to know why you want to use this, let’s say, star model, in which each computer as “Send Only” work towards the center of the server as “Receive Only”. How do the 6 computers work? Could it be that several people are working on the same document or file? Provided there is a time lag between, in this case it makes still conflicts. The last edited file ends up on the server and overwrites everything previously transferred.

From such a point of view, “Send and Receive” makes sense everywhere, also all modifications are considered in that example document or file.

Are you using the same Syncthing folder across nodes? In other words, does each Windows node have a unique Syncthing folder ID?

Then don’t use send and receive.

What is showing as out of sync? My assumption is you have 6 machines each saying they expect the server to have a different state. Because the states don’t perfectly match the server is considered out of sync.

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