help with missing files

We are in a small office working with syncthing for about 1 year and the last months we are detecting that some files are dissapeareing (deletes).

I have a device as a server and from here we give the permission to other devices.

I have change all folders settings to quip deleting files and folders in stversions but I need to know what is happening to try to solve this problem because sometimes we work at home and the device_server is in the office.

I would like to identificate which device has delete a file to have a bit more information to solve this issue. I suspect that this can be cause from the devices that are abroad but not sure why.

I have try syncthingTray but this don’t give me enough information.

Is there a way of recording all the traces?

thanks in advance

If it’s a recent enough change, you can see it in the global change log (on any device that has accepted the delete):

“s1” here is the name of the device where the delete happened. You can also run with -audit to capture the changes without having to be there to see them in the GUI.

jb@unu:~/s/g/s/s/test $ grep somefile h2/audit-20170505-113422.log 

That line means the file was delete on I6KAH76, which is “s1” in this setup.

many thanks for answering me!! :slight_smile:

I will try with the -audit to see if I can get all the changes log.

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