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Hi, I’m using Syncthing with 20 friends to share files. 8 devices share 1 folder each with the other devices. The other devices must not modify the folders except for the one they share. So “Device 1” share and modify “Folder 1” and can’t modify other folders, “Device 2” share and modify “Folder 2”, etc. Devices from 9 to 20 don’t have their own folders and can’t modify anything. We want every device to receive all folders and share them with the other devices.

I understand that every device which share its own folder must set it as “Send only”. This will avoid to share modifications from the other devices.

But which is the right setting for the other folders: “Send & Receive” or “Receive Only”?

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In general: If you aren’t sure, use send-receive.

In your case receive-only might be beneficial: It will prevent accidental changes by any device that does not “own” the folder to propagate to other devices that don’t “own” the folder (the “owner” is anyway protected due to send-only). It’s no guarantee though, as the user could always set the folder to send-receive again.

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