Help Troubleshooting ( noobie)

Hello, I am using syncthing to sync my mobile phone, TV PC and main Desktop.

The TV PC (linux Mint) And main Desktop (Debian ) have problem to sync.

I don’t know where to start to figure out why… Here is what I see on my main Desktop PC

Is syncthng actually running on the other device?

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What is the problem? The device is paused, i.e. no syncing is what is expected.

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Yes and that " TV-PC" is synching well with my AndroidPhone but not with my main Desktop PC…

But it, it’s not syncing new items… I don’t know where to start to troubleshoot it…

Press the unpause button?

LOL tks, will make some more test… I deleted, recreated the link betwene the 2 PCs, recreated the Sharing… We’ll see

Problem fixed, I don’t know what it was sorry but tks to all for the help

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