Help on sync a folder among 4 devices


I have 4 devices: A, B, C, D.

I need to sync a specific folder among all of those devices.

We need to consider that each device will be able to edit the content of that folder.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some of those devices already share also other folders with each other:

  • A ↔ B
  • B ↔ C
  • A ↔ D

What’s the best way to set them up?

I tried to simply set a common single device (A) that shares that folder with all the devices (A → B,C,D) but when for example B edits the content of the folder C,D will not be synchronized.


With a small number of devices, the best practice is to just connect all them together. Synchronisation will be faster and more robust (i.e. it won’t matter if a single device goes down). This is unless you’ve got a valid reason not to do so (e.g. a device on a very slow network, etc.).

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Assuming that the additional folder to be synced isn’t already a subfolder of an existing folder being synced (a different discussion), the ideal setup is a “mesh” topology where every sibling is peered with all other siblings:

A <-> B
A <-> C
A <-> D
B <-> C
B <-> D
C <-> D

The Syncthing folder type should be “Send & Receive” for the best results. This type of topology reduces the chances of a device being offline delaying an update from being synced.

A hub-and-spoke topology is like a bicycle wheel. A is at the virtual center as the hub while B, C and D are the spokes.

If all devices are set to “Send & Receive”, an edit on B will sync upstream to A then sync downstream from A to both C and D.

For more discussions about hub-and-spoke vs. mesh:

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