Help for Android with adoptable storage

Hi everyone, and thanks for this great software, it’s really great and I’ve been using it for some time instead of various commercial cloud services!

But I have a problem: both on my phone and on my wife’s, if we set the microsd as internal memory, Syncthing, when the phone turns on, 7 times out of 10 does not start, it remains in rotation “Loading”.

This is because, when it doesn’t work, Syncthing starts before the phone mounts the SD. If, on the other hand, the phone manages to mount the SD before Syncthing starts, Syncthing starts correctly.

I could use the sd as an external memory, but it would not be encrypted, and this scares me in case of theft / loss of the phone.

Is it possible to set the Syncthing service to start after x seconds / minute when the phone starts?

Thank you very much!

Ciao :slight_smile:

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