Help connecting ubuntu laptop: No UPnP device detected

My windows laptop and android smartphone sync on my home wireless network, but my Ubuntu laptop can’t see these devices. I would greatly appreciate any guidance.

The default log reports no UPnP device detected. The log with STTRACE=discovery is below. It looks like it’s not receiving local announcements. My windows laptop is getting them over 21025.

[monitor] 2015/05/12 06:36:47.363515 monitor.go:94: INFO: Starting syncthing [IR7RS] 2015/05/12 06:36:47.791166 main.go:466: INFO: syncthing v0.11.3 (go1.4.2 linux-amd64 default) unknown-user@syncthing-builder 2015-05-10 12:59:12 UTC [IR7RS] 2015/05/12 06:36:47.791281 main.go:467: INFO: My ID: mydevice [IR7RS] 2015/05/12 06:36:47.792052 main.go:738: INFO: Database block cache capacity 121284 KiB [IR7RS] 2015/05/12 06:36:47.830086 main.go:793: INFO: Starting web GUI on [IR7RS] 2015/05/12 06:36:48.186906 main.go:868: INFO: Starting local discovery announcements [IR7RS] 2015/05/12 06:36:48.187868 main.go:873: INFO: Starting global discovery announcements [IR7RS] 2015/05/12 06:36:48.195041 main.go:646: OK: Ready to synchronize default (read-write) [IR7RS] 2015/05/12 06:36:48.195220 main.go:662: INFO: Device mydevice is “laptop” at [dynamic] [IR7RS] 2015/05/12 06:36:48.200821 rwfolder.go:275: INFO: Completed initial scan (rw) of folder default [IR7RS] 2015/05/12 06:36:48.414680 client_udp.go:126: DEBUG: discover udp4:// broadcast: Sending self announcement to [IR7RS] 2015/05/12 06:36:48.441339 client_udp.go:126: DEBUG: discover udp6:// broadcast: Sending self announcement to [2001:470:28:4d6::5]:22026 [IR7RS] 2015/05/12 06:36:48.441391 client_udp.go:132: DEBUG: discover udp6:// broadcast: Failed to send self announcement: write udp6: network is unreachable [IR7RS] 2015/05/12 06:36:50.040446 client_udp.go:223: DEBUG: discover udp4:// Lookup(mydevice) result: [] [IR7RS] 2015/05/12 06:36:50.040497 client_udp.go:142: DEBUG: discover udp4:// broadcast: Self-lookup returned: [] [IR7RS] 2015/05/12 06:36:58.195215 upnpsvc.go:46: INFO: No UPnP device detected [IR7RS] 2015/05/12 06:37:19.441561 client_udp.go:172: DEBUG: discover udp6:// Lookup(windows-laptop): dial udp6 [2001:470:28:4d6::5]:22026: network is unreachable [IR7RS] 2015/05/12 06:37:19.772835 client_udp.go:223: DEBUG: discover udp4:// Lookup(windows-laptop) result: [] [IR7RS] 2015/05/12 06:37:20.034045 client_udp.go:172: DEBUG: discover udp6:// Lookup(android-smartphone): dial udp6 [2001:470:28:4d6::5]:22026: network is unreachable [IR7RS] 2015/05/12 06:37:20.293904 client_udp.go:223: DEBUG: discover udp4:// Lookup(android-smartphone) result: []

Please make sure your firewall allows multicasts/broadcasts which is required for local discovery.