Have gui language in the anonymous stats ?

Hi A guy asks me if we could know how many users per language.

We could, but we don’t. There is a github issue about usage reporting variables we could add, you could drop a note there with the suggestion.

Thanks boys. Where do I search for this. Goog’ shows between 9k & 5M answers depending I add “syncthing” or not to “github usage reporting variables” query. At least, is it syncthing specific ? I also had a quick look at the Action/About list of used softs/parts… but shame on me, I was not not brave enough to look at each one to see if it’s a ready-made reporting addon. Too alcohol today ;).

search on github on the syncthing repository then you should find this :wink: Usage reporting update · Issue #3628 · syncthing/syncthing · GitHub

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