Have global discovery servers broken or become difficult recently ?

I run my backup server to do one way syncs (otherwise known as backups) from mum’s machines. This had been in operation for a couple of years.

But I was at her place before new year and could see that both ends were online yet were just not connecting. The last sync happened on the 23rd.

Have discovery servers broken or become very fussy about accepting connections in the last couple of couple of weeks ?

All systems nominal, Captain.


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Does not answer whether they have changed their behaviour recently nor whether anything happened more than 5 minutes ago.

I certainly wouldn’t go changing my network the week before Christmas yet what I see suggests something may have changed with syncthing.

We need screenshots and ideally logs to know what the problem is. Connection issues happen even if the global discovery servers are working as intended.

What about the ISPs on either end? It seems like a leap to conclude that the discovery servers are responsible here.

I started my server again and within a minute client machines were online and it all worked just like absolutely didn’t happen earlier or when I was in a position to view both ends at the same time last week. If I was a suspicious person I’d suspect it had been fixed after somebody read my posting.

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