Has the cerificate files folder change with the newest version with ST on Android?


I was able to copy my keys and config to nutomic/files/ and use my keys when when thigns go wrong and do a fresh install. Now I see that that idea does not seem to work. it keeps trying to recreate new keys even when I have put my previous keys in place. This leads me to think that somethings has changed inST for Android in last couple versions.

Any ideas?

When you choose “Export settings” in “Settings”, it should save cert.pem, key.pem and config.xml to something like storage/sdcard0 (at least for me it does). When put your files there and click “Import settings” it should use these files, although I didn’t try this one.

Nutomic, correct me if I’m wrong here, thanks.

@chucic: That’s right.

It is also possible to read/write the keys and config in the app’s data folder (/data/data/com.nutomic.syncthingandroid/files/) with root, but that shouldn’t be necessary any more.

well that is exactly the problem, doing that does not work anymore at least on my x86 android

I have been doing that for some months without any problem until the recent version

There hasn’t been any change on this, at least from the Android app. Maybe syncthing did.

However, the key import/export should be sufficient, imo?

Ok thanks I will try that one. I was doing more of a manual thing before.

If you were using adb, you should use adb backup :wink: