GUI - Unused space on big monitor


Syncthing doing a great job, but have little thing to improve: for exapmle I cannot see port of IP6 address

Is there any way to use the whole horizontal space?

P.S. Sorry, full error on screen is: Port is hidden.

Responsive design is hard, especially because we have to support phones etc, so I don’t think there is anything we can do here, atleast not with the frameworks we are using.

@AudriusButkevicius I can create a simple theme that is based on the default theme and uses full width (e.g. set container to 90%). All the columns and texts then scale accordingly.

Is simple theme will work on Synctrazor?

I don’t use SyncTrayzor. Can you try changing the theme (e.g. to dark theme) in settings? If this works a theme for wide screens is possible.

Custom these should work with SyncTrayzor just fine.

Sure, yet I suspect it won’t work anywhere else as 90% for the whole page makes no sense on the phone where you have to break rows into columns.

Sorry, but not every custom GUI can work in SyncTrayzor - you told me last year that you have to polish some things.

I don’t remember saying that - do you have a reference?

There are some hacks I do, such as the “Open Folder” button, which won’t work if you change the UI too drastically.

I will use media queries so full width only becomes active at certain screen width. Right now max width is limited to 1170px. Smaller resolutions continue to work as before.

Yes, it was “Open folder” button, discussion was here: Alternative GUI mod

Right, I didn’t say I have to polish some things. I said that the “Browse” and “Open Folder” buttons won’t work if you change the UI too drastically, and I would add support for a new theme if it became official.

Most custom themes just change the colour or spacing though, which won’t affect this.

I’m sorry, I forgot this and decided that theme wont work.

If you will create this theme, can you post link to it here?

I found another GUI interesting thing: CPU Utilization and 17 zeroes


I intend to work on decimal numbers in the web UI - some precision atrocities hurt my eyes too (never saw something like your example though :slight_smile: ). I just always postpone because I “don’t like” UI coding (to put it mildly).

I think this particular atrocity is new from the number localisation change.

I am not complaining, just sharing GUI glitches :slight_smile:


Thank you very much! How I can use this add-on to create new GUI theme?