GUI recent changes

I may have found an issue with he display of recent changes.

I’ve been deleting some unwanted stuff from a folder shared between between me, my wife and our local and remote servers.

  me      wife
   \       /
    \     /
     \   /

All looks right on recent changes list, showing the files as deleted by me on all devices. BUT, on remote they are also shown a few seconds later as being added by remote.

The files on remote are correctly in .stversions.

It is probably relevant that remote uses trash can versioning where the name of the deleted file doesn’t change.

Can anyone else reproduce this behaviour?

I am not sure whats the purpose of your post here. If you are reporting a bug, describe version and steps to reproduce. If you want someone to try something you should still explain the steps of what you want people to try.


Device A and B sharing a folder. Device B to have trash can versioning. Delete a file on B.

I expect the recent changes list in B’s gui to show the file added by B a few seconds after it shows it as deleted by A.

The recent changes list in A should just show it as deleted by A.

Have you swapped A/B somewhere? I’m not making sense of the example.

Regardless, files in .stversions aren’t tracked, excepting the current bug on Android that causes weird stuff, so no files should be shown as added. Are your devices Android? Please always mention if they are, because Android isn’t like everything else.

Oops, end of top line “Delete a file on A” (don’t seem to be able to edit it…)

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