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Not a bug - not an issue - not an emergency

This is about FolderID field help-block, as to better match displayed help and/or to lighten the view, according to what is being done:

Beside the 2 yet existing editExisting (true|false), there should be a new sub-case for the latest false to distinguish,

  1. ~Add Folder from scratch~ where FolderID field needs to be filled and help-block #202 at current code-line #17 (“Required identifier for the folder. Must be the same…”) is welcome and could also nicely be merged/reworded with #318 (see below),
  2. ~Add Folder on Accept+Add prompt~ where FolderID field is grayed and no help-block at all is useful. This remoteExists && ! localExists case could be heading “Accept folder”, as well as the triggering button.
  3. As well Edit folder ( localExists ) shouldn’t display help-block for folderID.

Also, the help block string #318 ("…keep in mind…") at current code-line #56, which is currently wrongly displayed below devices list, should only be displayed/merged to #202 in ~Add Folder from scratch~ case.

BTW, string #317 could be dropped if not used anymore.

I have no coding skills to do it myself. Attention may be required to deal like today with the case when a prompt arrives in the background when we are still creating|accepting|editing a folder, i.e. whatever we Add/Later/(Ignore?), nothing happens, just leave the conf as is.

Great soft maintained by great gentlemen.

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Sorry, this so cryptic that I have no idea what you are talking about.

Hmmm, it seems you’re telepathist :wink:

First, some cleanup (create folder from scratch)

I think we just scrap the bottom one as they are saying the same thing.

Yes. The one at bottom is context dependant (Add vs Edit). What I said is it would be hidden on Edit and Add from prompt. So keep it only on Add from scratch of course.

To be honest, we can just scrap it, it’s just repeating the same info.

I agree they are redundant. I think the bottom one is much better. The top one does contain the information, but is very terse and much harder to grasp (at least without prior knowledge of Syncthing’s way of sharing).

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