GUI: how to use other https cert


I would like to change the https-cert, so that the GUI uses my letsencrypt-cert. I backed the originals up and did a sym-link to the letsencrypt-certs, but it did not work. Syncthing didn’t start, claimind it needed to write to the cert-files.

What did I do wrong ?

Best regards, Heinrich

Your should post the actual error lines. Perhaps the cert files are owned by a different user with restrictive permissions?

Oh, the error is simply “permission denied”. Although I provided g+r and g+x for the entire path and g+r and o+r for the files I want syncthing to use.

You should provide the full error line (or even a few lines around that line) as “permission denied” could be coming from many places, not just certs. Anyways, I’d try a+r, just to make sure the user is in the right group etc.

There is nothing special we do to read the cert, and I don’t think we ever write it (unless we can’t read it and we want to generate it, but again, by just seeing “permission denied” I can’t tell you if that is the case)

The surrounding error lines helped, thanks. It was a path permission problem first, but a error on my part later, linking a wrong certificate file, not matching the key-file.

So, now it works. Your feedback kept me trying, so thanks.


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