GUI: Connection error modal pop-up every 30 secs.

Syncthing v0.10.24

I’m running the GUI on port 8081. Every 30 secs I’m getting the ‘connection error’ modal pop-up for a second and then disappear.

Can’t figure out what’s causing this behaviour. Every other aspect of the GUI seems to be functioning fine, and folders are syncing ok.

Posted this on GitHub too, decided it was more appropriate for this forum.

Weird. Can you open the javascript console in your browser and see what it says, error wise?

Thanks for your reply Jakob.

Audrius just helped me resolve this via github issues:

I’ve got the GUI running behind HAProxy (in pfSense), and the ‘server timeout’ setting on the backend server pool was set to 30secs by default. Increased it, and the pop-ups have stopped now.

Thanks again.

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