Google Play Description

What do you all think about the description on Google Play? (link)

Right now it’s rather short, is there anything that should be added? Anything that should be changed?

Edit: Of course this is also about F-Droid, which has the same description (link).

Maybe syncthing version used and warning about version incompatibility.

I’m not sure the description is the right place for that. At least for me, the description is for new users to find out what an app is about, similar to, so it should have more general information (what the app does etc).

And then they find out that it does not work as advertised and leave… :slight_smile: I just checked some descriptions and some are quite thorough explaining about the app, compatibility, common issues…

Ok you have a point :smiley: Can you (or someone else) write up a text for this?

I think a quick summary at the beginning to explain it is a synchronization client would be a good idea. It feels like the first sentence is a little heavy for the general user.

Syncthing is synchronization tool that lets you share and sync files between your computers and devices without a server or account on third party services.

I like kluppy’s suggestion for the reasons stated, and also because it doesn’t require context of other proprietary and cloud services. The description should be about syncthing, not about things it’s replacing.

I suggested a “not so techie” approach on transifex. because the string to “replace another (maybe working) service” wont “sell” syncthing. replacing will always be associated with work.

so our task should be to show the “pros” of syncthing which are:

  • no third party server needed

  • sync directly between devices

  • keep your data private

old one (german)

Syncthing ist eine tolle Alternative zu den bekannten Synchronisierungs- und Cloud-Diensten, weil es offen, vertrauenswürdig und dezentral funktioniert. Deine Daten sind deine Daten. Du allein entscheidest, wo sie gespeichert werden. Syncthing benötigt keine Drittanbieter-Server, um zu funktionieren.

new one

Synchronisiere deine Daten von Gerät zu Gerät ohne fremde Server.

english suggestion

Syncronize your data from device to device - without third party servers!

I took the short description from, but I’m open for suggestions.

Btw I don’t feel like I’m able to write a good text myself, so it would be good if someone else could do that.

@Eddy2909 “Syncthing ist eine tolle Alternative” klingt sehr umgangssprachlich mit dem “toll” :stuck_out_tongue:

Ich kann dir auch hochtrabendes Gesabbel liefern :smile: kein Problem, wenn wir 200 Zeichen mehr zur Verfügung haben… Aber der “tolle Alternative” Text ist ja ohnehin aus dem Rennen. :wink:

jup tatsächlich müsste der Text auf ebenfalls geändert werden… aber bevor man das macht, würde ich eine neue chice Seite aufsetzen…

I am new user to Syncthing - suggest a clear, simple explanation in the description that can lead people to more technical documents as they see fit.

So I was running an A/B test on Google Play for the short description, but turns out that requires a few thousand installs for each variant (and we mostly have less than 100/day).

So avoid waiting a few months for a result, I’m just gonna change the short description to “Open, trustworthy and decentralized file synchronization” (57 chars). I’ve already updated it on Transifex, so please translate it into your languages :slight_smile:

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