Global State mis-reported. Synchronization seem to be working fine.

I’m running Syncthing on a Tablet (Android 6) and a Windows 10 PC. It worked fine for a while and then the Android device started to mis-report the Global State although everything still seems to be working.

The Local State reported by the tablet matches the Local and the Global State of the PC when everything is up to date. The differences on the tablet are constant, always less 302 files, 5 directories and 0.4 GiB.

Version Information

App Version: 1.1.1 Syncthing Version: v1.1.1-dirty, android (ARM), Windows v1.1.1 (64 bit) Android Version: Android 6.0.1

Has anyone experienced such behaviour or can anyone suggest a fix?

A fix is to start Syncthing with STRECHECKDBEVERY environment variable set to 0 once. I can’t check right now, but I believe the app has an option to specify environment variables somewhere in the settings.

As to how it happened I have no idea.

The setting to add env vars is under Settings > Troubleshooting > Environmental variables. You can put



Hi @imsodin aka Simon,

You are a genius! I didn’t have to restart, I just set the Environment variable then left settings and the app did quite a long reload and all is hunky dory. I’d buy you a drink if I could but you’ll have to be content with my thanks. As far as to what caused it, I find the app often stops responding and I’m offered the option to restart it. I THINK it happened after one of these restarts.

Thanks again and may the force be with you :smiley:

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Thanks @Catfriend1, Id already found it, I’m a happy bunny now!

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You probably don’t want to keep that option forever, only once to fix it.

Thanks @AudriusButkevicius, already removed.

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