Global State Different / Failed To Sync Items

Hello all:

I’ve got a folder on two devices in a larger cluster which refuses to get in sync (the same errant folder, on two different nodes, suffering from the same problem).

Here’s the state of the folder on one of the ‘working’ nodes:

The nodes which canot get into sync have a different number of files in the Global State - and there are some files which always fail to sync. On one node, the folder status is continually flipping between Preparing to Sync and Out of Sync:


Checking the API for one of the Failed Items, I get the result of ‘No such object in the index’.

Any clues for how to resolve this?

Many thanks!

I’d suggest to check the logs to find out what exactly is going on when the folder is flipping between the two states. You may want to pause everything else to make it easier to isolate the problematic lines.

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We see : “Reduced by ignore patterns”. Same set on each end?


Thanks for your input - much appreciated. I wasn’t able to check in on the systems over the weekend - but I’ve looked again this morning, and I think I’ve found out what’s going on… it looks like one of the end users has been moving a drive between two different synced systems, causing (potentially) two sets of conflict files for a bunch of stuff.

I’m a bit confused - but glad - as to how this hasn’t propagated across the entire sync network: I’ve still got a different Global State for the affected folder on some systems than others - but this deffo looks like a system-specific issue that’s down to me to resolve! :wink:

That seems to have stopped now - I don’t know what it was.

Nearly the same - but that shouldn’t cause the Global State to be different, only the Local State, right?

I suspect this might have been finger trouble, incorrectly entering the HTML substitutions in the file path.

Yes, that means that differences are visible. The folder with the highest number of items leads the global state.

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