Ghost File

I have a file that has been out of sync for over a week, and I cannot find it. Attached are screenshots of the GUI and Folder Options. Any ideas how to get rid of it?

Just to make sure, you have enabled “Show hidden files” in Windows, right? The file is a Word temp file, and those are hidden by default.

Thank you for your response. Yes I do. However, the Asustore is linux, and it could be there, but I don’t know yet how to turn on hidden files there.

I cannot find this file, so the NAS is never synced. I don’t know what to do but start over.

Do I need to remove the shared directories and devices, and remove syncthing too, and start over with the Windows installer for Syncthing? I have been running Synctrayzor on a couple clients, but the browser interface is OK with me. One client, A small portable windows 10 PC, doesn’t respond well sometimes, and is difficult to sync, requiring a restart or two.

I need a fresh start, seems like, and ask for a little advice, please.

It finally found and fixed the errant file. I dropped the hosting client and then reshared and it is gone. Nothing more than a nusiance, since it wasn’t hurting anything, but I have a clean “up to date” slate now. thanks, jts

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