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Hi, I am just trying out syncthing. I think its a great little tool and with a few extra little features will be a great piece of software. The decentralised storage it provides is exactly the backup solution I wanted. I have setup syncthing on a Raspberry Pi. Easy enough to do, in fact one of the easier Pi projects I have done. I plan on setting one up and giving it to my Brother so I have an offsite backup of everything. I was also hoping to setup more than one in my home network because the RPi is low powered and would not sync very quickly.

I was hoping to just clone the SD cards and boot up the new RPi. What will happen with the Device ID if I do this? Do I need to force the copies to create a new ID in some way?

Thanks in advance.


Remove the key.pem and cert.pem files before or after cloning. Syncthing will generate a new certificate and thus device ID on startup.

It will be copied, which is a Bad Thing.

Yes. Delete cert.pem and key.pem from Syncthing’s config directory (they define the device ID). Syncthing will regenerate them on startup.

There are some great little cheap single-board computers which pack a larger punch than the RPi, and are more suitable for running Syncthing on. See for example the ODROID-C1.

Hi, just thought I would post back and confirm the above worked like a charm. Thanks for the help.

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