German magazine c't

In the german computer magazine c’t is in issue 8 ( March 21) a two-page article on syncthing (p 164 - 166). New questions are to pour down … :wink:


Pics or it didn’t happen!

:scream: I hope it’s not about me being a prick to the community.

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Link to the TOC

Broken link :frowning:

The teaser … ?

TOC ct.15.08.006-007.pdf (177.6 KB)

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That’s my app :smile:

Now I’ll have to find a place to buy it and see what they wrote.

Hope you can translate the articles for us.

I can summarize the important points, but I don’t want to translate two entire pages.

Just read the article. It’s basically a guide on how to set up the whole sync, and mentions syncthing-android and syncthing-GTK. Nothing really interesting otherwise.

I only noticed one inaccuracy, it says you have to forward TCP port 22000 and UDP port 21025, where I think you only need one of those. (And it doesn’t mention that UDP should open the ports, and that only one end needs an open port).

Right yeah, there’s no need to forward 21025/UDP, it’s only used locally. But if that was the worst error, it was probably a good article. :wink:

I just got their article by mail, did you get it, too?

Also, we could add a press section to the website now :slight_smile:


I was however a bit disappointed that they had released an article about that ingenious idea I of installing Syncthing on a RPi I had just come up with a few days earlier. :wink:

I had that setup running for half a year at least :stuck_out_tongue: