General security question to keep synced directories private

Hello experts,

I am new to this.

With SyncTrayzor I want to sync between two Windows 10 systems but ONLY on my home network. When I’m on other public networks I don’t want any possibility someone could see my system(s).

I don’t fully understand why at home the log shows things like “Joined relay relay://” which give me concern there is some communications between my system(s) on my home network an systems on the Internet.

Can anyone help me to configure SyncTrayzor to assure ONLY my two authorized Windows systems can talk/sync with each other and my synced directories are NOT exposed, or vulnerable to being exposed, to any other system/hacker?

Or am I missing something critical here?

Turn off relaying and global discovery in the configuration. But be aware that global discovery also helps in local discovery.

Hi - thanks for the reply.

I originally replied with:

Do you mean Actions → Advanced → Options and then uncheck “Relays Enabled” as well as uncheck “Global Announce Enabled”

But let me add that having done that I also notice that having done so going to Actions → Settings → Connections shows “Global Discovery” and “Enable Relays” are unchecked.

I see that using one method makes the change in the other method. Two ways to get at the same thing.

Thanks again for the pointer…

I recommend reading Security Principles — Syncthing v1 documentation

Thanks for the reply.

Of course one should RTFM, including myself. :slight_smile:

I’ve continued this, but with more specificity, in another post Configuration to restrict syncing only when on same network.

Thanks again martinleben.

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