General questions about Syncthing nodes.

Hi everybody,

Syncthing seems a very interresting project, but before switching from BTSync to it, I have some questions :

  • I have 3 nodes (A, B, and C) completly interconnected. I put a file on A, and C is down, so this file is only shared with B for the moment. If after this transfert I turn on C, will it download this file from A and B, for having a better download rate ?

  • Now, i would like to add an other device D to my cluster. After connecting him to A, is there a way for easly connecting D to B and C without sharing the key ? Currently I have 4 devices with something like 10 shared folders with BTSync. I don’t want to do the full key exchange process 60 times, or more when I will add an other device … With BTSync I have to do it only 10 times, and it doesn’t matter how many devices I already have on my network.

Thank you :slight_smile:

  1. Yes, it will download from both.
  2. Yes, that is the new introducer feature released recently. You have to connect D to A, and A to D, then A will advertise B and C to D, and it will advertise D to B and C (which they will accept if marked as introducers).

I believe (or rather hope) there is another feature coming in the future, whereby you generate a ‘one time’ joining key on A, use it on D, and D and A automatically establish the connection between eachother.

Oh great ! Thank you for the answer !