Funny bug with spaces in fname

Hi Guys, wondering if anyone else has had some weird issues with syncing files that have spaces in the file name. Exact situation - my mother added some videos with a filename like “Copy of 3423423.mp4” on her computer (Pop_os/Ubuntu with ext4 file system). It synced to 2 other linux devices (Ubuntu server with ext4 file systems) just fine, however another server I have using Windows 10 and an NTFS partition now shows that it has local changes to these two files with spaces. Obviously, no changes to these files were made on the Windows 10 machine by any action I took. Has anyone else noticed this issue when syncing linux/ext4 to windows/ntfs? Any ideas where it might be coming from?

edit: forgot to mention, only the Pop_os machine is set as Send & Receive - the other machines are all set as Receive only

I think the spaces in the filename are just a coincidence since the conflict notification from Syncthing means it sees "Copy of 3423423.mp4” as the same filename on both the Linux and Windows sides of the connection.

Are “Ignore Permissions” and syncing of extended attributes enabled/disabled in Syncthing on the Windows 10 device?

Although not usually an issue for setups like yours, the modTimeWindowS configuration option might be handy in case the variance in timestamp is too big.

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