Full CPU usage


Syncthing consumes all my CPU.

I’m using Synctrayzor, but once it goes crazy, I can’t display the content anymore.

I can’t reproduce it at will. I happens after a while.

A reboot of the application or the PC resolves the problem. Shutdown Syncthing through Synctrayzor stops the process.


  • Windows
  • Synctrayzor : 1.1.28
  • Syncthing : v1.18.1

Any idea ? Regards, LeNouveau

PS : from Full CPU usage · Issue #7916 · syncthing/syncthing · GitHub

Do you see anything suspicious in the Event Viewer?

You could also upload the logfiles, both from Syncthing itself and SyncTrayzor too.

Also, I suspect its just scanning, and for some reason synctrayzor is not rendering the ui, but you should try accessing via the browser.

And the log shows the other/remote device uses a very old version that doesn’t support TLS1.3. You need to upgrade Syncthing there to sync.

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