fsync tutorial needed for ipad

I can’t figure out how to use fsync to sync my ipad camera roll with another computer on the same network.

As far as I can see there are only two screens to input info: “Folder” and tap next to go to “Device”. When I go to input the folder name, I just made an ID I’d like to call it: “ipadphotos”, and then I go “next” to the device. My computer I want to sync with has a static IP address, so I tap “static” and input the address Then I tap Done.

I have no idea if that actually does anything. Is there something I need to do on the other computer? How do I get the device ID for the ipad in order to link it to my computer? How does the ipad know that I want the camara roll folder to be the folder that will sync (there’s no way to browse to the camera roll)?

I’m on version 10.2.1

fsync is a paid, closed source product. You would need to request support from the vendor.

Oh, sorry. I just saw that a lot of people here seem to be able to get it working no problem and thought maybe someone might be able to help me

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