fs watchers :: Internal vs SyncTrayzor

On windows PC I am using SyncTrayzor which has build in fs watcher. Syncthing has built in fs wather these days.

which one should I used? prefer?

what happen when I enable both ones?

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The plan is for SyncTrayzor’s one to be removed in favour of Syncthing’s one, so you probably want to go for Syncthing’s. However if you find issues with it, SyncTrayzor’s will continue to work for now. If you have them both enabled, then Syncthing will scan any files which change twice, but the second scan will be very cheap.


(The next version of SyncTrayzor will disable its filesystem watcher if it notices that Syncthing’s is disabled)

So, in the next version, you get both or neither?:confused:

Bleh, enabled, you know what I mean. That’s released now, anyway.

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Not wanting to hijack this thread (but doing so…): :stuck_out_tongue:
Is there a way to see which fs notifier is active in the logs (of either Syncthing or SyncTrayzor)?

Probably, but I couldn’t tell you what to look for off the tip of my head. Look at File -> Settings -> Folders. If the checkbox is greyed out, Syncthing’s is active. Checked and SyncTrayzor’s is active. Unchecked and nothing’s active.