FS watcher kick in delayed

I assume 0.14.48 has FS watcher enabled by default. When I modify files (such as add, delete or change the content) I expect that syncthing will immediately kick in and show events. However it usually take a long time (feel like 45~60 seconds) before syncthing starts processing the changes. Is there anything missing that I can make it “immediate” (similar to Dropbox, a change is made and you will see dropbox kicked in immediately)? Thanks,

How do you measure this? Perhaps the detection is near instant, but if there is a lot of changes we wait for things to calm down a bit. Also, the fact that we detected a change doesn’t mean it will immediately appear on the other side, as other side might be scanning which means it cannot download while its scanning.

You can enable watcher debug logs and see whats happening.

There is a speedup in some cases in 0.14.48: https://github.com/syncthing/syncthing/issues/4953

And there is fsWatcherDelayS available through the actions->advanced menu, see https://docs.syncthing.net/users/config.html#folder-element

Is there any possibility for FS watcher to issue an event (such as Local change detected or similar) immediately after a change is made? (just a state change, no detailed information and delayed processing is fine, just wanted to have an immediate alert)


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For once I’d even go further than Audrius and just say no. If you need those events for purposes related to Syncthing, getting events at the same time the main routine receives them is fine. Also events could happen repeatedly, without the aggregation step there might be a ton of noise. If you actually need instant change notification from the filesystem for something else, you should use a monitoring tool/library/… (whatever suits your purpose).

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