FS Watcher and rescan interval


if “FS Watcher” is enabled what about the “Rescan Interval”?

Is it disabled as soon as I enable “FS Watcher” or is it carried out additionally.

I would like to turn off the “Rescan Interval” completely and rely only on FSwatcher. Do I have to set “Rescan Interval” to 0 ?

This will be clarified in the GUI when the feature is turned on for general use.

That said, what happens is that the scan interval is increased automatically when the watcher is enabled. Most people will not want to turn off scans altogether as the watcher doesn’t pick upp all kinds of changes.

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Slight correction: Currently nothing happens to the rescan interval when you enable the watcher. On e.g. linux the watcher should pick up all relevant changes, but there is no guarantee. So as Jakob said, you most likely do want to keep some periodic scans. Personally I have daily scans on the server, where not much changes anyway, and no scans on the laptop, because there is enough full scans happening when restarting/resuming/reconnecting with it.


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