Force syncthing to set same permissions for all files?

One of my machines runs syncthing as a central server as the user nobody which shares the syncthing folders over samba and nfs.

There is one problem that many of the synced over files get created as read only for group and everyone else. This prevents and modifications over the samba shares.

How can I force syncthing to create all files and directories with a certain permission set? Say 666 for rw on all files?

You should be able to do this by settings the “Disable Permissions” flag, and then ensuring the umask is set to zero before starting Syncthing.

Syncthing creates files with the same user and group under which it runs.

Without disabling permission “into” syncthing I’ve set “chmod g+s” on my folders shared by samba then each file created in that folder inherits “group” from that folder.

Each user has its own folder / those users are part of the same group.