Folders disappeared

I’ve been using ST on 5 machines; 2 Win7, 1 Linux, 2 RaspberryPi. The other day I noticed that all the folders on one of the RP home pages disappeared. The underlying disk folders were not affected.

I re-added the folders but, as always on the PI, its taking a long time to index/sync the device.

I don’t want to have to go thru this again. Any ideas what caused the Folders to disappear?

Maybe because the Pi is slow, it just failed to appear in the UI? I can’t think of anything that would remove folders but not devices, as they essentially live in the same file.

This does happen on super-slow devices like the Pi.

Could have been the speed of the Pi, but it had been running OK for about 6 weeks from mid-V11 and just croaked somewhere between 12.11 and 12.12.

What file are you referring to? If it happens again, I’ll want to take a look.

config.xml in syncthings home directory (check -help).

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