Folder Sync start from 0 after a riconfiguration

Hello, as someone of you may have noticed I’m trying and playing with different configuration and possibilities. So here’s what happened, I had:

S. An Android smarthphone with a camera master folder

P. A PC with a 100% synced S camera folder

I then reset all the configuration on P, and restarted the server, added S etc. started syncing BUT instead of getting 100%, the folder on P got wiped and started from 0%, now it’s syncing again 2GB of data.

Is this a normal behaviour?

No, you must have done something wonky, like provide a different path. Also, out of sync also includes metadata differences, which means it would still go from 0 to 100, but not transfer any data (apart from permissions etc), which could also be the case, and you just misinterpreted it.