Folder(s) fsWatcherEnabled beside RestartOnWakeup at device


Hi I just discover fsWatcherEnabled option is here since 0.14.40 to replace syncthing-inotify. I have the latest installed in my 2 linux (I don’t remember how it went here, but whatever I never configured it to make it work, although I was interested). Can I safely uninstall them?

Also, I would like to enable fsWatcherEnabled for a shared folder on the involved nodes, but previously I disabled “Restart On Wakeup” on these nodes. Please do you know if these 2 options altogether on the same node will possibly do errors?

Thank you

[EDIT] There is also a windows in the cluster. Does fsWatcherEnabled also work in Windows ?

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You can. Officially the internal watcher is still experimental, but that will be changed soon(ish).

I don’t know for sure, that depends on whether the backend used by the watcher library (notify) preserves watchpoints on sleep-resume - I would assume yes, but I never tested. If you try, please write whether it worked or not.

Yes it does, it works on almost all (maybe all, already forgot) platforms.


@imsodin Sorry Simon, this is not the hurry ATM (I read about the new 45rc2 deletes ~bug~), so this is only cosmetic fsWatcher status GUI feedback

Have a good day, team

BTW, I didn’t notice any misbehaviour with these 2 settings altogether.

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That string simply wasn’t translated yet when rc2 was release, rc3 has it in it.

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