“folder path missing” still an issue


From time to time I get the error “folder path missing”, and the folder status is set to “stop”. Rescanning the folder does not help, restarting syncthing via the Web GUI does not help either. I have to shut it down via the GUI and start it again manually - then the folders are recognized again.

This is a serious problem for me since it happens on machines which I don’t have regular access to. Is there a way to fix this, maybe by letting syncthing try to restart “stopped” folders every couple of minutes?

Kind Regards Dan

This doesn’t make much sense as restarting via web ui is usually equivalent to restarting manually, so I don’t understand how it could solve the problem.

It periodically (every rescan interval) rechecks for the marker and restarts the folder if it comes back, you can test that yourself locally to prove that it works, so there is something else fishy with your setup. Do you know why the marker disappears in the first place? Is it some sort of dodgy network share its placed at? It could potentially be related to permissions or something of that sort

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Sorry, I forgot to mention, it is indeed a network share. I don’t own the machine, but I think it happens when the share goes offline for a minute or when the client is started before the server. Like I said, rescanning/restarting doesn’t help. I have to end the syncthing-process and start it again to make the folders work.

Check if you can repro that locally, if you can, we might look into it.

I tried to reproduce it at home with my Synology NAS, but it seems to be working here. Is there anything I can do on the other machine to provide you with more information?

Setting STTRACE=scanner,model will reveal more info, but also be noisy as hell so you might need to sift and filter to the relevant point in time plus/minus a minute or so later.

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