Folder path missing on mounted shared folder

I found that there was a workaround to share an android folder on extsdcard as foldermaster even if it is not accessible for writing so I decided to sync my photos folder. But since it is quite big I decided to sync it directly to my NAS storage. There is a folder on the NAS which I use mounted as a logical drive Z:. So I synched the photo folder to a subfolder on the Z: drive. It all went smooth and all the data got synched to the NAS. But now I get the error seen on the screenshot

This happens even after I opened Z: in Explorer and it shows just fine. At the same time I cannot access Z: from command prompt. Probably some mounting issue in Windows. I tryed creating another sync folder using non mounted share name “\\ghostnas\Volume_1\Syncthing\S5_DCIM_Card\Camera (0)” and it scans correctly. Should I allways use this? Or any hints how to make the mount work outside Explorer? Without restarting the PC?

So its best to ask this question on stackoverflow or your NAS support forum as it seems specific to your setup, and not syncthing. I doubt anyone will be able to help you.

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