Folder Path Issue

Hey Andy, thanks for continuing to help troubleshoot…I deleted it when it didn’t seem to do anything. I’ve set it all up from scratch several times over - adding the folder manually from QNAP File Station is what I tried at least once in the past.

Thanks for looking into it whenever you can André

I still don’t have a good picture of your current state, thus unfortunately no good advice what to try next. In theory all your steps as described sound sensible and should work. The only thing I can imagine right now is that you mixed up some path somewhere and are actually not looking at the places you think you are. Try to take a step back and following the procedure once again, very carefully. Check the result of each step before going to the next, for example: When adding a folder in Syncthing, you usually don’t need to create it on the NAS first. Syncthing does that automatically if it has sufficient permissions to the parent folder. After it’s added to Syncthing, double check the path listed in the folder details. Navigate to that in your File Station app, and check that Syncthing also created the empty .stfolder there. Don’t rely on checking a folder you have previously created, and maybe even choose a different name so that if you find that one, you can be sure it’s the one Syncthing uses because it just created the path.

Hope that helps. Just try not to do anything chaotic or spontaneous, as that makes it very hard to follow for us.

OK! I’ve finally resolved the issue! On the QNAP the path must be /share/homes/etc. not just /homes/etc. When I put it under /share/, the .stfolder was created, I can see the hidden file in file station, and everything works perfectly! Thank you everyone for your time and help with this!